Our misión, (yes, I’m talking about you), will be avoiding plastics that are disposable, the ones that don’t last long and the ones that are just decorations. We are going to get rid of them forever, and, for that, we need reusable alternatives.

“It is not about recycling, but about avoiding”

Do you know that expression about the wolf under sheep’s clothing? Plastic is an enemy dressed as comfortableness, but it provokes a big harm in both our homes: our planet and bodies. In special, in those who depend on a clean ocean, such as fish, sea birds, coral, posidonia… No more deads caused by plastic.


Adiós romanticismo residual

Tengo que confesar que me ha costado atreverme a escribir este artículo, pero aquí está. ¿Habéis...

El plástico inútil

¿Has pensado alguna vez en el plástico inútil que hay en nuestro entorno? Además de eliminar...
vivir sin plástico, cero residuo y reutilizar

No se trata de reciclar, sino de evitar

Como dijo el gran Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, “somos la civilización de la basura”. Hace unos...

Our power lies in our consumption. We have to get into action right now. If we persevere, the companies will sell what we ask as consumers. They will not be able to avoid it. Remember that they are also human and they can put right.

We encourage you to show your desire to live in a world without plastic, #soyantiplastic, in markets, grocery shops, restaurants…as well as with your family, friends, etc. Recommend alternatives and, of course, give example by making use of them.