Our Footprint

There are many kinds of footprints. We are sharing you a couple of links where we find this is very well explained: paraquesirven.es y lab.rtve.es

We find that these four are especially important:

distintivo antiplastic

Carbon Footprintancla carbono

In the product manufacture we try that our craftsmen consume the minimum possible energy. Our handicrafts are, for now, from the Iberian Peninsula (only Spain).

We work with "Correos", since it seems the most ethical option. So far it is a public company, so its benefits affect all of us. Correos has offices in all locations, and less CO2 is emitted into the atmosphere because in almost all municipalities perform the distribution on foot, bicycle or vehicles with the environmental label "0 Emissions."

We promote (through Facebook groups), group orders for the same postcode.

We aspire to be closer to you so that we can reduce our footprint.

distintivo antiplastic

Water Footprintancla hidrica

Our fabrics are made of organic and / or recycled cotton. Our engravings are made by laser or manually, except for some eco-friendly fabrics.

The entire glass of our products is recyclable.

We aspire to save many litres of water in everything we do and be more sustainable every day.

distintivo antiplastic

Ecological Footprintancla ecologica

The wood used in our products comes from responsible felling, with the FSC seal.

The packaging and wrappings used are biodegradable, reusable and recyclable. In some cases we use our own valises, which return to us once the product is delivered. We are working in the packaging improvement.

We exploit a 100% of raw material.

All our products are vegan.

We aspire to respect our planet day after day.

distintivo antiplastic

Social Footprintancla social

We hold onto the responsibility of contribute to fair trade and supporting the labour integration of the most disadvantaged.

We want to reflect on recycling and educate on reuse.

We try to raise children, and not so little children, to love nature.

We bring together people with the same concerns, contributing to create a community responsible for the environment.

We promote the "zero waste", the responsible consumption and the power that it can have to change society for the better. We contribute to the cleanliness of our oceans and thus, to saving marine life.

We aspire, with your help, to be an example for all companies.

The idea is to grow with the philosophy of "Crowdsourcing", that is, with everyone’s collaboration, whether asking questions, suggesting improvements and contribute with ideas and solutions.

“Our passion is to be true to our philosofy and that it remains reflected in our actions”