The Plogging is an initiative that was born in Sweden in 2016. It is a word game between “plocka upp”, which means “pick up” in Swedish, and the word “jogging”.

It consists of jogging through the streets while collecting garbage from the floor and doing squats. You can also practice while you walk, cycle, paddle, skate … The point is that while you do exercise, which is good for your health, you can do something good for the environment and improve our planet’s health, preventing this rubbish from reaching the sea. It also make people who see you to become aware and thinking it twice before throwing their waste to the floor.

The creators, through the PLOGGA website (in Swedish) and their social networks, create events to practice group plogging. This trend has spread to many countries and we hope that it will soon be practiced worldwide. You can also find groups on Facebook where people from several Spanish cities meet to practice plogging together.

vivir sin plástico, cero residuo y reutilizar
Erik Ahlström, “Plogga” founder.

The practice of plogging is based on Broken Window Theory. This states that the dirtier or more destroyed an environment is, the bigger will vandalism and criminality be. Therefore, if we keep our environments in good condition these behaviours will decrease. For example, if a broken window appears in a building and it is not fixed soon, possibly more broken windows will appear soon because of vandalism.

It’s funny how the Swedish apply this theory to plogging. We think they’re right. If you find a clean environment, wouldn’t you be more reluctant to drop any rubbish?

Once more, Sweden gives us an example of what respect for the environment is. Some time ago I read an article which explained that Sweden exempts part of the taxes in the repairing costs of appliances, bicycles, clothes… This way, they fight against programmed obsolescence, and thus, force manufacturers to create more quality products. In addition, repairs are usually made in the same place the item was bought, creating more job opportunities.

In antiplastic we love these initiatives that serve to protect our oceans and we hope to tell you many more.

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