Hi antiplastics! We want to tell you that our idea is to grow with the “Crowdsourcing” philosophy. It means that we want everybody to collaborate with us, whether asking questions, suggesting improvements and contribute with ideas and solutions. We want to ask you for your help when it comes to investigate about plastic- free products, and also to complete our online shop. For now, we have 3 sections: Kitchenware- Events, Bath – Personal Care and Other products. Our products’ target customers are you, so…aren’t you the best ones to choose them?

We only demand some conditions: the product must be plastic-free useless, reusable, biodegradable, vegan or cruelty free, for everyday use and if it’s glass, recyclable. The wood has to come from respectful felling (FSC) and the fabrics from organic and/or recycled cotton. At the end of the day…their footprints in nature has to be inexistent or even beneficial.

Antiplastics, you can send your recommendations to

We want to to contribute to the “Slow Market” movement by working with local manufactures. We will start, preferably, with the peninsula artisans (only in Spain), we know that it is impossible to comply with this rule in all products so we will value the minimum footprint of each product. With time we expect to be closer to you. These artisans need to be able to have a business relationship (freelancer for ex) and to create unique products. You: that you love what you do and are committed to create a better world, We Want You!

If you are an artisan and want to take part, you can contact us in

And if you want to recommend someone to us, also you can send us their contact, as well as why you recommend their products.

Thank you in advance for your collaboration.