The Origin

I am Manu Pérez, a ex-seafarer and passionate about the sea. During the last years I have experienced how the presence of floating and submerged plastics in the sea has increased. These are only those we can see with the naked eye, but there we also have the so-called microplastics, imperceptible to the human’s sight and very dangerous to sea life.

After a trip to Indonesia and see with my own eyes how, inevitably, a manta ray (we named it: Raymunda) swallowed the plastic; I decided to start this adventure. I just had to do it. Indonesia made me realize that society is doing too much damage to marine life: irresponsible tourism, single-use plastics, poor waste management, wrong education, etc. We are destroying the sea and its inhabitants, and I want to contribute my grain of sand to stop this and I hope to leave at least a healthier planet to those who will come.

Raymunda and me.

Although I am aware of living a more ecological life without plastic, I have a problem when it came to putting it into practice. In my neighbourhood or close shops, it was difficult for us to find certain everyday products that were reusable, ecological and 100% plastic-free.
For that reason, in “antiplastic”, I am willing to provide solutions to an increasingly aware, respectful and nature lover society.

There are many causes to fight and I have a dream. With your permission, I will fight against plastic, due to my passion for the sea and its inhabitants, without forgetting that everything starts on land.

I want to think that my dream of living without plastic should be a dream for all humankind, because it is an urgent need for the sustainability of our existence as species on the planet.

Nice to meet you. I want to encourage you to embark with me on this journey.

Let’s have a good trip!